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Top Seven Herbs Control Diabetes
(NaturalNews) Finding ways to naturally manage blood sugar and diabetes has become increasingly important as we become more aware of the adverse effects of prescription medications. Lifestyle changes are a crucial step in managing blood sugar levels, but at the same time More...
“Conserve the Herbs to improve the livelihood of local People”

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Nep. Jeevanbuti Sans. Yarsa Gumba
Eng. Cordyseps
Fami. Hypocreaceae
Nep. Bisma
Sans. Bikha
Eng. Aconite
Fami. Ranunculaceae
Nep. Panchaule
Sans. Salap
Eng. Orchid
Fami. Orchidaceae
Save the Herbs is an initiative Non Governmental Organization dedicated for conserving the valuable NTFP herbs resource and improving livelihood of local community in Himalayan country Nepal. More>>


  • To contribute on millennium development goal through the sustainable management of NTFPs and herbs for reduction of poverty from the nation.
  • To promote and conduct research on ex-situ and insitu conservation of valuable NTFPs.
  • To facilitate and advocate in overall issue on Herbs and NTFPs for Go, NGO and all concerned stakeholders. More>>

  • Events:

    We have conducted several trainings, awareness and skill development programme to conserve the Herbs and NTFPs. Furthermore Save the Herbs has following broad categories project itself been launching in present day.

  • Herbs and livelihood
  • Herbs and Bio-diversity
  • Herbs and market facilitations More>>

  • Goal:

    To contribute on sustainable conservation & development of NTFP/Herbs resource More>>


    Save the herbs is non profit organization established in 2008 A.D. approved by the government of Nepal bearing registration No. 849, S.W.C. registration No. 25227 and PAN No. 303053372. The office is located at New Baneshwor – 34, Milanchok, House No. 572, Kathmandu, Nepal. More>>
    Herbs Trainning
    Class Herbs
    NTFPs/herbs Identification & management Training to the members of CFUGs
    Awarness Camp
    Awarness Campaing
    Herbs Awarness Campaing
    Awareness campaign on environment, biodiversity & NTFPs/herbs More>>
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