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Top Seven Herbs Control Diabetes
(NaturalNews) Finding ways to naturally manage blood sugar and diabetes has become increasingly important as we become more aware of the adverse effects of prescription medications. Lifestyle changes are a crucial step in managing blood sugar levels, but at the same time More...
“Conserve the Herbs to improve the livelihood of local People”

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Nep. Jeevanbuti Sans. Yarsa Gumba
Eng. Cordyseps
Fami. Hypocreaceae
Nep. Bisma
Sans. Bikha
Eng. Aconite
Fami. Ranunculaceae
Nep. Panchaule
Sans. Salap
Eng. Orchid
Fami. Orchidaceae


Save the Herbs is an initiative Non Governmental Organization dedicated for conserving the valuable NTFP herbs resource and improving livelihood of local community in Himalayan country Nepal.

Nepal is in 25th position in biodiversity richness though it contains 0.01 percentage of global landmass. The country has possessed more than 700 species of Medicinal and Aromatic NTFPs of them 378 species have been proven to suit in Bio-medicinal use. This rich biodiversity resource of Nepal contains multiple opportunities for economic growth and development. Now the NTFP Herbs resource has contributed 5% share on GDP of the country.

The current world market for MAPs, essential oils and NTFPs herbal extracts is value at $60 million with an annual growth rate of 25 percentages. It is estimated that it will be $ 50 Trillion by 2050. It is seemed that our valuable Herbs and NTFP has a significance contribution on that value addition process on global herbs market.

Local people of Nepal are deriving a meaningful subsistence from this rich Biodiversity basically from NTFPs MAPs, Herbs and other natural resources. Thus the livelihood of local people is almost depending on this biodiversity resource in significant level. There are more than 14,000 CFUGs throughout the country, managing more than 1.5 million hectare forest land where the valuable NTFPs/Herbs can be found. The exploitation patterns of such valuable Herbs & NTFPs are old dated practice. Several factors including over-exploitation, non scientific mechanism of harvest, traditional processing system, lack of market information etc, have made the vulnerable environment leading towards the extinction of valuable Herbs/NTFPs. Similarly the Health of local people is depending on these medicinal herbs. The indigenous Herbo-therappy practices which is recognized as a effective and safe to public health by WHO, are being prevailed in large part of rural population community that is accessed to almost 85 percentage of people directly as well as indirectly.

Thus to maximize the utility benefit and improve the livelihood of local people through Herbs and valuable NTFPs is so far concern of our NGO Save the Herbs. Hence we have a foci of aim is sustainable conservation and development of herbs for livelihood improvement of local community through people’s participation and community mobilization practice. We have a broad hand to work with all concerning stakeholders to flow the maximum benefit to poor people and the nation.

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NTFPs/herbs Identification & management Training to the members of CFUGs
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