- Central Himalaya & its foothill              
- Latitude 26°22’ – 30°27’ N
- Rectangular shape                                    
- Longitude 80°04’ – 88°12’ E
Length - 870 km Length
Width - 130 km width
Area - 1, 47,481 sq km

Map of Nepal

Climate of Nepal
Annual Average sum total condition of weather (Temperature, Rain, Moist, RH, Evaporation, Wind, Frost etc)
Weather- Daily Condition
Temperature – Affect by the altitude and aspect
Affect by Altitude
Terai region
Maximum in April – June – 35°c to 40°c
Minimum in January – 14°c
In mid hill region (3000m)
Maximum – 16°c
Minimum -  2°c to 3°c
*In every 100 m the temperature goes down by the rate of 0.6°c
In Kathmandu 9°c means temp. in winter season.

Affect by the aspect

In 30° Slope        – South face – Solar radiation is 1.5 times more than the plain
– North face – Solar radiation is 0.5 times more than the plain

* Therefore, South face receives solar radiation 6 times more than the North face.
* Due to the evaporation, the temperature is high in south but the north is almost moistly.

Nepal – the place where the monsoon PPT is high
Mean annual PPT
Terai – 1500mm
Midhill – 1000mm
Himal – below 500mm
Kathmandu – 1364mm or 1300mm
Mean Temperature 18.1°c